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    Take the Sword of Damocles and cut the Gordian Knot to unravel the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, revealing the Golden Fleece, which is your Holy Grail, and thus acquire the Midas Touch of a Goldfinger, but hasten, for that is your Achille's Heel, and you may find that you are caught between Scylla and Charybdis, or the road and New York City, as the case may be.
    Sun sets, night falls, sun shines, day calls, work fine, rest deep, rejoice, prayers keep

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    I feel bad for dandruff shampoo. It has no allure like non-dandruff shampoos do. They're up on the eye-level shelf screaming, "I give your hair extra shine!" "I give your hair fuller body!" "I give your hair extra shine AND fuller body!" And it's stuck somewhere on a lower shelf mumbling, "I get rid of repulsive tiny white flakes."

    Nobody WANTS dandruff shampoo. It's never going to be an impulse buy, as some of its flashier cousins will. Nobody is going to go to the store, and, on a whim say, "Hey, I think I'll try dandruff shampoo!" It doesn't have that kind of cache.

    No, it's relegated to a narrow niche, a second-class ranking, like a Cinderella with cruel step-sisters whose fairy godmother will never come. Sure, some people may NEED it. But you have to think that it deeply hurts a dandruff shampoo to know it will never be wanted. And you can bet those other shampoos rub it. Then rinse, and repeat.

    Tht saddest thing is, there are many more products in the same boat with dandruff shampoo, or more properly, on the same metaphorical shelf, who will never be wanted, only needed. Nobody ever tells a friend excitedly, "I'm going to buy some hemorrhoid cream today!"

    We treat these poor products as shameful things. They must feel so stigmatized. It's a damn shame.
    Sun sets, night falls, sun shines, day calls, work fine, rest deep, rejoice, prayers keep

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