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Thread: You might be a Knox Countian if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayduke View Post
    Trying to sort out the sample ballot (pdf) for the primary I found Paige Huntoon's Daily Pulse entry on the County Corruption candidates with this confusing bit at the beginning of paragraph three:

    If I understand it correctly, the fine voters of 'districts' 10 & 11 don't exist and those numbers are for at-large seats.
    I'll correct that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnM View Post
    Absher, 56, has been active in politics for the past few years, first as an organizer of some of the earliest tea party protests and then on the state Republican Executive Committee. She says she stopped activities with the tea party groups when more extremist elements began taking over, and her disagreements with the GOP’s education policies have led her to consider herself more of a libertarian these days.

    “I’m not going to deny my past, but I think I’ve settled down a whole lot. I have loved campaigning for this job because I’m so freaking tired of partisan politics,” Absher says...

    Hmm. Could that mean she has repudiated her years-in-the-making Agenda-21-cospiracy zealotry and her Common-Core-Communism-'n'-Goverment-Control-of-Children-conspiracy zealotry? (scroll down)

    'Cause that's a timely and convenient conversion, since she was still pursuing her ministry and delivering the gospel of anti-one-world-governmentalism-as-shown-in-Agenda-21 as recently as two years ago and Common-Core-Communism-as-Government-Mind-Control (apparently) as recently as last November.

    Wonder if she is still friends with Kelleigh Nelson, who name- and photo-checks her in this May 2013 "expose"? (Well worth the read in a twisted kind of way)

    And is she not a signatory on the infamous "petition of 30,000+ 'scientists'" denying anthropomorphic climate change?

    Don't know how sincere that metamorphosis could be
    Tried to write even-handed overviews, because that's the fair thing to do. But there will be a blog post - probably Friday am - with some outtakes from a bunch of the interviews, addressing some of the other issues with some candidates that I didn't have room to put in the story. It's hard, with so many candidates.

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