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Thread: You might be a Knox Countian if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smootz View Post
    Not sure why the journos can't get that Happy Holler is a two block area or that it's Central Street not Avenue.

    However, positive developments we hope. The dry cleaner is likely to stay.
    They could be looking at Knoxville street signs, which go for random when no one can be bothered to make them misleading.

    Happy Holler is apparently now a brand, steadily creeping over the hill toward you. Hops and Hollers is clearly on the wrong side of said hill, but "Hops and Gentrifying Industrial Zone" just didn't have the same ring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwg View Post
    Here's a link to all of our primary coverage so far. District 1 and 4 questionnaires up now, Districts 6 and 9 coming soon.
    All school board candidate questionnaires are now up, for your pre-voting pleasure.

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    The TN GOP SuperMajority! feels it has done enough damage this session. They adjourned today.

    Winners and losers
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