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Thread: You might be a Knox Countian if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnM View Post
    Since there is no question that she has adopted Billion $$$ Bill's GOP-backed, malignantly pro-business methods and rhetoric, it's a safe bet that the intentions behind her statement are accurately characterized by the article.
    Do you know Justice Lee or anything about her? The quoted portion of your post above suggests that you do not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bird jam View Post
    Do you know Justice Lee or anything about her? The quoted portion of your post above suggests that you do not.
    What I know is that she gave the TN GOP an AG that they wanted, and that she has, indeed, stated her intent to pursue a Haslam-inspired "top-to-bottom" review of the judiciary. You might ask departments under Haslam how well that's worked out, starting with Chiildren's Services.
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    Here is how her remarks are reported on the Tennessee courts website:

    She suggested a “top to bottom review” to see how the courts can be better stewards of tax dollars and deliver services more efficiently and effectively. She also emphasized the need for better use of technology, such as the implementation of electronic filing systems. She hopes to study the business court model, used in other states to “provide a good forum for businesses that provide jobs to Tennesseans to resolve their disputes.”

    And here is what she seems to be talking about.

    The truth about Sharon, who I do know, is that she is neither the liberal harridan than Ramsey made her out to be nor the sellout you're making her out to be. She is a very moderate, sensible, middle of the road person who understands, as does everyone in the judiciary, that the judicial branch needs to have a good working relationship with the other branches of government.
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