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Thread: You might be a Knox Countian if...

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    TNGOP: For small government and local government control of its own affairs - except for all the times it uses its big government reach to bring its state-wielded hammer down on local governments.

    Republicans ready to repeal Nashville’s ‘local hire’ measure
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    Now that Haslam has outsourced his backbone, principles, conscience and brain, nothing can prevent his capitalist crony pals from outsourcing Tennessee's higher education management to themselves.

    New Haslam privatization plan targets higher ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnM View Post
    Now that Haslam has outsourced his backbone, principles, conscience and brain, nothing can prevent his capitalist crony pals from outsourcing Tennessee's higher education management to themselves.

    New Haslam privatization plan targets higher ed

    Gov. Haslam neds to learn that state parks were set aside as public lands for our posterity to enjoy, not to be privatized for the prosperity of his crony capitalist BFFs.

    State parks tour, meetings underway as part of Haslam's outsourcing plan

    "NASHVILLE — Large private out-of-state vendors are touring some of Tennessee’s most beloved and visited state parks this week to gather information about their operations and potential for profit as part of the Haslam administration’s sweeping plan to privatize management and operations of virtually every state-owned facility, including state parks, prisons and college and university buildings.

    "Despite months of planning and working with vendors, neither Gov. Bill Haslam nor his top lieutenants have led any public discussion of what would be the most comprehensive change in the operation of state government in decades, potentially throwing thousands of state employees out of work and shifting others into jobs with private companies..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnM View Post
    Knox County Clerk (and exposed Facebook bigot) Foster Arnett continues to whine that he just can't do his job because the process is just too onerous (and also attempts to cover up his office's shortcomings in doing the job):

    '..Arnett on Wednesday said he was unaware of his office’s attempt to block a portion of audit findings related to hotel/motel tax collection involving collection system software.

    '“I didn’t want to keep it out,” Arnett said by telephone Wednesday about the software issue. “I’ll have to talk to the guy who was in charge of the office.”

    'In a letter included in the audit report, Arnett wrote: “Due to the nature of this deficiency and the possibility that a hotel operator owing delinquent hotel occupancy taxes would take advantage of it once made public, it is the recommendation of this office that the content of this finding be withheld from public disclosure.” ...'

    Meanwhile, his counterpart n the city takes the measures that Arnett complains are too difficult to pursue, and - lo! - businesses pay their taxes on much more consistent basis.

    Hotel tax scofflaws owe city $200K

    OK, so the county is due almost $476,000 in delinquent hotel motel taxes. The city is due about $200,000.

    The county clerk - in charge of collecting the tax - says he can't do anything about it. (Yeah, right.)

    The city finance department - in charge of collecting the city's portion - actually padlocked a scofflaw or two's door in its time.

    Guess what happened?

    Yeah, they paid up.

    The city also regularly sends out delinquent notices and contacts the owners.

    Guess what?

    They tend to pay up, too.

    Anyway, here's a look at local government trying to get it right...
    Foster Arnett's suckiness at excuse-making is epic:

    "...Arnett stood before Knox County Commission to answer questions about the unpaid tax collected by the businesses but not turned over to the clerk’s office. Four hotels owe most of the $475,000, or approximately $470,000.

    "Previously he had staff to look after the hotel/motel tax collections, but Arnett said he lost them in a staff reduction he made after taking office..."

    He "lost" the staff to do this because he got rid of them? And then he goes on to say that he didn't know about the back taxes because there were no audits to tell him about it? How did this tool graduate high school?

    And now, because someone finally explained his job to him, he says all he can do is send letters to the delinquents, and yes, then padlock their businesses if they don't comply if he absolutely must do it, but he he really, really doesn't want to do that.

    But, dang, if commission is going to make him stand up in front of them and regurgitate his lame excuses about how his hands are tied, well, sigh, okaaaaaaaay, then he'll agree that there are a few things he can do.

    But he really doesn't want to.

    Meanwhile, Arnett's weak excuses are beginning to chafe on some folks. This item from the Porch Screamer is well worth a perusal.

    Commissioners, public: Some of Clerk's claims just not adding up
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    Is our local police force out of control?

    Judge questions police training, legal grounds for drug search

    A judge on Tuesday questioned training practices at the Knoxville Police Department during a hearing that showed at least two KPD officers have a history of using “fuzzy dice” and window tint as pretenses to stop black men for drug searches in which the officers’ dashcam video mysteriously “malfunctions” at critical junctures.

    Knox County General Sessions Judge Charles Cerny said evidence presented at a preliminary hearing Tuesday by defense attorney Scott Lanzon on behalf of Brandon Allen Foxx showed a lack of police training in the safeguarding of constitutional rights, particularly in Knoxville’s inner city.

    “I’m very concerned about this case,” Cerny said...

    KPD investigator's past could cloud double-slaying case

    A Knoxville Police Department investigator at the center of a controversy over missing recordings in a first-degree murder case was forced to resign from a prior law enforcement job for sleeping with the operator of a pornography website and pushing a corruption probe of the police agency investigating her father, records show.

    KPD Investigator Michael D. Washam left his supervisory position at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2002, married the porn site operator, moved with her to Newport and in 2006 took a job at KPD...

    KPD investigator blames myriad conspiracies for scandalous past

    Michael D. Washam had been deemed guilty of misconduct as a supervisor at Florida’s largest law enforcement agency, rejected as a candidate for a job at a smaller agency and stripped of his police certification by a Florida commission when he applied for a post with the Knoxville Police Department, a review of his personnel file showed.

    In a four-page explanation for his troubles in Florida, Washam called the woman at the root of his troubles there a “webmaster.” She was the admitted operator of a profitable pornography website instead. He characterized her father, who had a long history of fraud convictions, as an “auto shop dealer” wrongly treated by the Riviera Police Department. He blamed the misconduct finding, his later rejection as a police candidate and the loss of his police certification as the product of at least two different conspiracies by his own agents and the happenstance retirement of the police standards commission’s chief...

    Quote Originally Posted by SnM View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SnM View Post
    Knoxville police chief denies fostering culture of corruption
    "It's just a culture of going above the law so as not to be answerable to the public," city’s top cop explains

    In recent months, Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch has alarmed members of the public by appearing to be something of a loose cannon. It was revealed in January that Rausch secretly connived with Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” “Dyn-O-Mite!” Jones to sabotage the purchasing process for an E911 system in order to procure the vendor they favored.

    These behind-the-scenes maneuvers caught Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero wholly off-guard. They also violated Tennessee’s Open Meetings Law. At the time, Rausch, the city’s top law-enforcement officer, explained that he was ignorant of the state’s so-called “Sunshine” law.

    “Believe me I’m all about law & order – in fact, it’s still one of my favorite TV shows in reruns,” he said. “It just that I’m all about some laws more than others.”

    More recently, it was reported that Rausch was working with Knox County District Attorney Charme Allen to ban the release of footage from police vehicles’ dash-cam recorders until years after cases were resolved. The proposed policy change also caught Rogero wholly off-guard.

    Shortly after the report broke of the proposed video footage-release ban, Rausch walked back everything that had been said about the new policy, saying at the time, “Nuh-unh, nope, never did that, never said that, never happened, did not, did not, did not, neener-neener-neener-NOT!

    Yesterday, the Knoxville New Sentinel reported that two rookie KPD officers, whose dash-cams possess a magical ability to turn on and off at crucial moments during an investigation, appear to be targeting individuals to arrest for drug offenses because at least one of the rookies aspires to be a narcotics officer.

    Rausch’s spokesman declined to comment on one case, while the other case Rausch deemed “good policing.”

    These “good policing” revelations probably also caught Rogero wholly off-guard, but in fairness to her, this level of police work really is not likely to be on her radar. Of course, if such unsettling news continues to be learned about Knoxville’s police department, the public may start hoping this kind of “police work” will leap onto the mayor’s radar.

    In response to concerns that he and his force have gone off the rails, Rausch called a press conference aimed at allaying the public’s worries. He began the presser by insisting his department is not corrupt.

    “I want to be clear that my police department is dedicated to justice and is in no way corrupt,” he said. “‘Corrupt’ is like the regimes of former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison or former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, with all the misuse of public funds for personal gain, extramarital affairs and all those other tawdry shenanigans. We're doing what we do for the public good – it’s just that we just don't think the public should know how we are doing the public good. That would only cause them needless worry.”

    Asked about the magically disappearing dash-cam video footage, Rausch said the incidents "very much upset" him.

    “Yes, it very much upset me because if we'd gotten to change the video release policy the way I wanted to, none of you would be worrying your little heads about the missing footage right now. See how that works?” he said.

    The police chief went on to say that, in the pursuit of justice, certain actions have to be taken without civilian involvement.

    “Sometimes what we have to do is go behind the public’s back and above the law to pursue justice, just as Steven Seagal had to do in his 1988 movie of the same name or like Det. Briscoe occasionally did on ‘Law & Order,’” Rausch said. “Or like vigilante cops Hal Holbrook, David Soul, Robert Urich, Tim Matheson and the guy nobody remembers, Kip Nevin, did in 1973's ‘Magnum Force,’ the admittedly inferior sequel to ‘Dirty Harry.’ ”

    A reporter observed that Holbrook and the others were the movie’s bad guys.

    “No,” Rausch argued, “they were vigilantes, bringing justice to criminals, but they made the mistake of running afoul of an even tougher rogue cop in ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan. But there’s no chance of that happening here. Clint Eastwood is way too old for the role now.”

    He concluded by noting that these cinematic law officers did what they did “without public knowledge, consent or interference, which is how police work works best.”
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    With all the heady talk going 'round of the football Vols returning to their glory days this season, for no reason whatsoever, here's a reminder of when returning to the Citrus Bowl would've disappointed the fans.

    Orange U R Icon?
    An interview with Pulpy, the Big Orange

    Announcer: We’re here at the SEC Mascot Media Days, teleconferencing with the University of Tennessee Volunteers’ backup mascot, Pulpy, the Big Orange! Pulpy, we know you wanted to be here with the rest of the SEC mascots. Can you explain the circumstances that forced you to stay away?

    Pulpy: On advice o’ my counsel, I decline ta respond ta dat.

    A: Is it true that you decided against attending because you might be served with a subpoena in connection with the first-string mascot, Smokey the Blue-Tick Hound’s mysterious hunting accident?

    P: Look, this ain’t about wounded dogs, rogue lawyers, radical attorneys, wild charges, or smear campaigns! This ain’t about the NCAA, the SEC, or the players! This is about one, lone, embarrassed citrus fruit fronting a program in danger of a three-peat humiliation at the Citrus Bowl!

    A: You mean, it’s about UT’s shortcomings on the field?

    P: No, I mean it’s all about me! I’m Pulpy, damn it! Idol o’ millions! Mascot to th’ stars!

    A: Well, nonetheless, how does it feel, taking the place of such a revered icon as Smokey in such distressing conditions as these?

    P: Like th’ bottom of a three-day-old screwdriver somebody put a cigar out in.

    A: Does that mean you feel bad representing UT under these circumstances?

    P: No, it means I picked up th’ wrong @#&$^%!* glass. Where’s my #+%! screwdriver? And get me another stogie!

    A: You’re drinking a…screwdriver?

    P: Yeah. What’s it to ya? Hey, you think Gainesville’s got sumpin with “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”? Pulpy’s gonna put Knoxville onna map with “The World’s Biggest Orange Screwdriver!”

    A: Uh, I just meant, isn’t your drinking orange juice a little like…cannibalism?

    P: This is big-time college football! We always eat our own kind! Just ask ol’ Vandy’s Commode-door or South Carolina’s Pecking Hen there. Or ask all o’ them teed-off fans o’ th’ red pachyderm. There’s always losers an’ there’s always blamers. Besides, th’ vitamin C’s good fer my kidneys. Heh. Hic.

    A: Getting back to Smokey: What is your relationship with the hound dog?

    P: There’s no relationship. Everything’s bein’ handled through th’ mouthpieces. All that damn blue ticker ever brought to th’ game was fleas, anyway. Twenty years I been waitin’ fer my chance. You ain’t blowin’ it fer me now. Change the #!#&^%&!! subject.

    A: What’s your prediction for the season?

    P: Already tolja. Free-peat in the Citrus Bowl. Me ‘n’ Navel, the Citrus Bowl mascot, we’re getting’ ta be good friends. She ‘n’ me, we’re gonna cause some pulp friction. Hey kid! Gimme ‘nother! Don’t be so stingy wit’ th’ hooch this time. I’m Pulpy, the Big Orange, damn it!

    A: So, like other observers, you see a program mired in mediocrity?

    P: Hic. Ain’t that what I just said?

    A: In your opinion, what is the source of UT’s problems?

    P: Damn N-Cee double-A relug-, regl-, rules, forcin’ coaches to be too tough onna players.

    A: Too tough?

    P: Auditionin’ to be a parrot? Hic. Yeah, too tough. Take th’ penalty on th’ banker’s boy, fer instance.

    A: Do you mean James Banks, who was suspended for the first half of the 2004 Citrus Bowl for unspecified violations of team rules, and who is now suspended for the first three games of the season after his arrest for public intoxication?

    P: I see ya know th’ kid. He’s got talent comin’ out th’ kalamazoo. And Fool-ma’s gonna sit him down fer three games?

    A: Some commentators thought he should have been kicked off the team…

    P: Fer drinkin’? Whut kinda message we sendin’? Hic, hic.

    A: That this sort of behavior won’t be tolerated?

    P: Wh-wut sorta -hic- behaver we talkin’ ‘bout?

    A: Drinking?

    P: Shurrr. Waddle ya have?

    A: Pulpy? Pulpy, are you-

    P: I yam…

    A: Yes?

    P: Wad I yam.

    A: OK, it seems like Pulpy’s connection is fading…

    P: Con-x-shuns? I don’t need no stinkin’ con-x-shuns. I’m Pulpy, the Big Orange!

    A: Sorry folks, we seem to be losing Pulpy’s signal.

    P: Top o’ the world, ma!

    A: Yes, he’s broken up completely. We return you now to the SEC Media Mascot Days, already in progress.
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