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Thread: You might be a Knox Countian if...

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    I will go back to ignoring the idiotic tabloid press now.
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    Has the health inspection system changed for Knoxville restaurants? I don't really keep track of the scores, but I click on it whenever it is on the front page of and it seems like it has been a long time since I have seen anyone in the "75 or under" category. There used to be restaurants down there all the time. For that matter, I haven't seen anyone below 95 in a long time.

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    Seems that I recollect an article in the past year that indicated that the Health Dept. had "standardized" their inspection process somewhat. If I recall correctly, it was because different inspectors were conducting inspections differently. I've noticed higher average scores as well.
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    Who's the worst? Why, we are, of course.

    From the Dean of the Hill:

    Study finds TN has nation’s most regressive tax system

    From the Times-Free Press:
    A new study by a trio of economists from the Federal Reserve Bank found that Tennessee has the most regressive tax system of any state, requiring poor and middle-class taxpayers, in most instances, to pay a bigger share of their income than do wealthy individuals in the Volunteer State.

    While the federal tax code helps to reduce America’s growing income inequality, Tennessee’s regressive tax system undoes much of the inequality-reducing force of federal taxes, the Fed study found. Tennessee boasts some of the lowest overall tax rates of any state, but its heavy reliance upon the sales tax for the biggest share of state revenues means that a disproportionate share of the taxes paid comes from low- and middle-income taxpayers.

    “The tax systems in a handful of states, including Mississippi, Tennessee and West Virginia, widen the income distribution sufficiently to reverse around one-third of the compression achieved by the federal tax code,” Daniel H. Cooper, senior economist in the research department at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston wrote in a new study he co-authoried with two economists with the Federal Reserve Banks’s fiscal division on research and statistics in Washington, D.C. — Byron Lutz and Michael Palumbo...
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    Combine that with our governor, flush with crooked truck stop money, being declared the nation's richest pol and we're the perfect red state.
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