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Thread: You might be a Knox Countian if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwg View Post
    Unlike the tv stations that covered this story a week ago, the KNS neglects to mention ACT is considered a hate group by the SPLC
    That's the crucial clue that identifies ACT as not just idiots, but dangerous idiots.

    Speaking of danger, won't let you look at their Web site without javascript and cookies. That's kind of creepy. Worse, Tor loads it, but throws up a warning that the site is attempting to access canvas data. That could be sloppy html or an attempt to open a hole to access data on your computer. Granted, they really do have enemies, but that sort of behavior is disturbing.
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    From the Dean of The Hill

    It's illegal, and even though they insist it isn't illegal we all know it's illegal, but it doesn't matter; the TN GOP SuperMajority! can do as it pleases. Nothing will be done about it.

    PAC invites donors to dodge disclosure of gifts to PAC’s treasurer?

    “Please bring your check and join us,” Skow wrote under a subject line that read, “You’re invited — by LEADERS for TN — Monday night at The Standard for Troy Brewer.”
    “If you prefer not to show up on a financial disclosure statement, make your check directly to Leaders for Tennessee,” Skow continued, getting part of the PAC’s name wrong.

    Giving to a specific candidate through a political action committee to mask the source of the funds is illegal, subject to a fine of up to $10,000.

    But Skow, who said he alone was responsible for the email, insisted that wasn’t what he was urging donors to do...

    Alexander is ‘critic-in-chief’ of NLRB?

    Looking back at the 108th TN General Assembly

    More looking back at the legislative session
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