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Thread: You might be a Knox Countian if...

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    He should have had himself placed on paid leave for a year or two while this unpleasantness is reviewed and sorted through. After all, that's what the school system does, and TPTB keep assuring us what a paragon of excellence that place is, so whatever administrative procedures they have set up, the county and city should follow suit.

    KAT safety director resigns after ‘unwanted advances' on female employees
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    More Retail Death on 100 Block—Lululemon Leaving for Bearden

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    There's a big don't-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out party over at the CC Building for McCrosky.
    And the firings have begun.
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    Try that, Tim Burchett.

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    Default Don't Disappear Lesbians

    It is SAME SEX marriage. Gay is men. Lesbian is women. Using gay as an all inclusive term disappears women. If you look into the history of "gay" when referencing sexual preference, it has historically always identified homosexual men. Homosexual men embraced the name to identify themselves, to take the negative stigma away from the word. Because the men took over the political activism in the gay and lesbian community, gay became the identifier of the community to the heterosexual world. As women, lesbians were used to being overlooked because women were always secondary. Straight men hyper sexualized the word lesbian making it uncomfortable for some women to use the word. Gay did not have that stigma. Because of that, some lesbians felt more comfortable using gay as an identifier. Owning the name lesbian gave control of the word to the women. Notice that the Mayor's statement and the statement from the marriage equity group correctly specify gay and lesbian. It is LGBT for a reason.
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