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Thread: You might be a Knox Countian if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Are you hearing what brought this whole thing on in the first place?
    No, but I haven't really tried.
    I'm covered up with work, health and family issues, and Donila seems to have this one pretty well covered. All I've heard is that KCS is in a tough legal bind with this one.

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    Joe Sullivan's column in this week's MP will be taken up by the school board next week:

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    How many died for lack of care while Billion-Dollar Bill Haslam and his GOP "SuperMajority!" cohort dithered and dallied for the sake of political posturing?

    Haslam to Send Medicaid Expansion Plan to Feds … Soon

    Of course, this could also be political posturing, to make Haslam seem more moderate and less whipped by Ramsey, with no interest in actually making it work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwg View Post
    I have a couple, but waiting on a couple more before posting ...
    Here’s the Real Story Behind That School Board/Superintendent “Agreement”

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