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Thread: Houston Hobby Airport... past 4 PM on a Friday

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    Default Houston Hobby Airport... past 4 PM on a Friday

    He looked at his ticket, and frowned at the time.

    "Do I really have to wait this long to get a flight back to Tennessee?"

    Ambling over to the bar, he found many other souls willing to partake in an ethyl alcohol intake experience. After that? It was time to head back over to the gate. Years of experience as a traveling salesman can bring a Friday afternoon weariness to any man.... but in his time he had seen some cool stuff. So he tried to say to himself... this was a part of the roll.

    He sat down in what can only be described as some kind of lounge chair-- like a huge Lazyboy recliner-- that would massage ya. Right next to him sat down this tall girl in her forties. They met. She said she went around the country setting up these dialysis centers. He wasn't attracted to her physically, but something in her huge brown eyes held his jaded soul,

    and she held onto it.... even as the airlines called out over the speakers which flights would be leaving.

    Her asked her about her work, and so she told him. He asked her about life and death. She said, "I have seen people die. Some of them will tell you that they are dying because they can FEEL it coming on."

    She said others will say it and then turn away and quickly die.

    He told her of his experience being friends with another nurse who said that people who have lived a good life often look like they are falling asleep.

    Death welcomes them and they welcome it.

    Other people, who have huge regrets? She said "It is like something is like pulling at their feet."

    This woman didn't seem to see what he said.

    But by now he was hanging on her every word.

    {Girls don't think that boys really do this, but I can tell you that we DO. If what you say is RIVETING? We hang on your every word.}

    She had seen life and death. She has seen people fight.... and die anyway. She told him that she had walked into a nurse's break room and prayed for the END.... of a patient who had suffered SOOOOO much.

    She had also seen the surviving people... literally fighting over long held wars.... just after the mother had died in front of their faces.

    The woman had just died, and these wretches were already fighting with each other. The nurses had to call Security.

    She had SEEN IT ALL.

    He didn't know what to say. "What do you say to a woman who has given her life's career to saving other people?"

    The most beautiful thing about a woman... is FEMININE ALTRUISM.

    The ones that take care of other people, and animals.

    He knew that she had done her best... to save the ones she could. In her brown eyes he had glimpsed that reality.

    She had done the best she could.

    When his flight came time to leave he thanked her for what she said, and climbed aboard an Eastbound jet to home.
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