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Thread: You might be a Republican if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC View Post
    I think the most dangerous mistake many of us are making is the assumption that the people behind these policies are defining success and failure on the same terms that you are.

    The danger in our public debate is assuming that we all somehow want the same thing, but we simply disagree on how to get there. Sadly, this has changed dramatically in our country.

    It is getting more verbose. There is a consciousness within those elitist "halls of power" that has been handed down through the generations, and even Harry Truman spoke about it but he didn't have the deep intellect you need to see through its manipulations. It uses fear as a tool and it used that tool to get Truman to deploy the bomb. Thus even he became its agent. Now it's using fear again: "terrorism" and ISIS, and economic fear, and it's using its media to stoke it.

    What will happen when they start the bail-in here in the USA? They will need that to keep the stock market up, the zombie banks need that constant cash infusion.
    What will happen when everyone takes to the streets--think Greece?
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    YMBARI this is what you share on FB:

    Stand With Tennessee shared Conservative News Today's photo.

    Yes they do...and America needs to get their head out of back side and see the communist "Active Measures" Cold War style warfare in our nation. The Soros funded racist "Active Measure" ‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ represent the communist social-engineered sub-culture. The racial sub culture started with Jim Crow Laws and KKK. Wake UP!! This will only get worse with sub culture agenda supported by executive order preventing discipline in public schools.

    Hillary's Radical distaste for "Rule of Law". "There is Only the Fight".
    @ 5:14 "Hidden Lives of Bill And Hillary Clinton

    Communist racial Active Measure and here's the proof.…/
    America's Dark history is Communist underground mole system. The moles have taken residence in our government back to "New Deal".

    Yes, yes, it certainly does... With all the anti-police rhetoric filling the airwaves, I find myself disgusted. I don't know about the rest of you, but when someone robbed my home and I feared entering it, I called the cops. When someone drove off the road and through my yard, I called the cops. When I had a car accident and needed help, guess who I called? Yep, they were wearing blue. I've even had one stop and help me change a tire when I didn't even call. They provide one of the most valuable and dangerous services of local government, and their lives matter very much to me.
    Conservative News Today's photo.
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