You might be a republican....

if you paid for your education and worked your ass off to get where you are and do NOT wish to be taxed to death.

If you started a business, and you are quickly seeing that the STATE you are living in wants you to hire minorities, file 15 reports with them, submit to being inspected all the time, pay exorbitant fees for anything and everything under the sun....

and even as you struggle make payroll for your five employees, here comes more of the state government wretches.

If you have never sued anyone? You might be a republican.

If you have never been on welfare? Yep... you might be a republican.

Never been on food stamps. There is a decent chance you are a republican.

Never wanted to get any position due to the RACIST PROGRAM called Affirmative Action. Yer in the GOP.

Never joined a union? There is a decent chance that you are indeed... in the GOP.

Never became an environmental quack, hugging on trees and smoking cigs at a coffee shop living with mom still?

YEP, you might be republican.

Never was one of the deluded FOOLS.... who bought into every goofball study about Global Warming?

You might be a republican.