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  1. Naw maaaan. You're the Carson here, pick another. These thumbnails are going to make it impossible for AMC not to run the series.
  2. "when one adopts a new paradigm and a different lexicon ones point of view, the realization of universal and infinite agency you speak of can then be "activated" and realized."

    Activated? Realization is not adopted. The adoption of limited ideas dissuades realization. Only by resisting the illusion of choice will you realize the infinite and universal.

    (daang i wish i'd said that at The Three Crow in earshot of those twin nymphomaniac philosophy undergrads from VSCC, when I was a hot young buck like you. Ya gut the whirled bye de tail, Marlow. Swing it!)
  3. Ah, but you are still a young man. Now change IT.
  4. What does "psychedelic" mean to you? Certainly not interchangeable with entheogenic.

    The intent of the imbiber partially explains the difference, but I think it also is a diffence in dosage. Above a certain dose level, anybody is going to stop giggling at the trailing lights as the face of god comes into view.
  5. That trUely is the answer to all what ails us, of course. More good brains. Maybe a heroic dose of psilocybin , and ask for a meeting, try to persuade her to rise to our salvation. She lives beneath us everywhere, her spores travel space we can't even see mathematically . Want to come with me?
  6. Dear Miriam. Artist for the state! Imagine what she had to do to get that drs sig on the full scholarship crazy papers! Imagine what kind of dr would consider that payment in kind...she really is Mansons ex-wife though. I am sure we will beat captain Quaalude off the couch. We'll have to try and act suprised again.
  7. I just got a text back from Miriam Fuerele. Sends her love, but said that cc # you pinched off Toby ran bad so we need some route to the $300. Do you still remember Raincrow's pin? Check day is tomorrow if we can get down there before he does.
  8. "feign optimism in the name of the Tao " Interesting assumption. What if this really is only an illusion?
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    I tried to send you a pm but it wouldn't work.
  10. HA! Just realized why you did not frame the dormer in the first place: CHANGE ORDER! chaaaa-ching!
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Narrative as magic, narrative as/of agency, Conspiracy theory as mythology/narrative

by Keef Riffers on 11-21-2013 at 12:25 PM
ok so in the Bardic tradition of magic (no I didnt play D&D, but i did bite the head off a dove while listening to Ozzy) the idea is that a bard could change the circumstances of your life (usually for the worse) by basically crafting a story about you. This is something that Sax Rohmer, creator of Fu Manchu, referenced in his "romance of sorcery". This is something we see with mythology as well. The western tradition is a kind of aggregator of various jewish, greek, zoroastrian and

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Survey of Western magic - syllabus inside

by Keef Riffers on 02-16-2013 at 03:19 PM
Here is a link to a pretty amazing syllabus from a philosophy class called "philosophy of magic".

There are hyperlinks to many key essays and entries on the topic and is a pretty exhaustive survey of the whole affair from a European perspective.

It is my opinion that European witchcraft/magic is unique and primary to the European mindset in that it is a kind of "anti-shamanic" stance towards the preternatural. It is a ti1shamanic in the sense that

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Entry 1

by Keef Riffers on 12-19-2012 at 02:37 PM
here is a (fairly short) essay about language and it's magical effects which speaks to my recent fascination with the metaphysical

Most sociological theories of magic go Religion---->Magic----->science

Some switch the order of religion and magic.

The general idea is that religion is kind of a passive affirmation of the individual as to his/her total reliance on the social. Religion is the passive element of the "religio-magical"

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