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    Just how existential is one supposed to get in these posts? I'm new to this style of writing, like totally. It may take a while to find my voice. How do you do it?
    There's only one thing stuck in my craw right now. In Jefferson County the primary election was 100 % Republican. Not one single Democratic candidate was on the ballot. This is representative government? When I protested, all the poll workers just smiled and shooed me to the electronic voting machines. I supposed I could have stepped up to the plate months ago and run for office on the Liberal, Inclusive, GLBT, Tree-Hugging, Free Love and Wine-in-grocery-stores ticket. But, I don't care to be tarred and feathered by my neighbors. Is this truly the government we deserve?
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    It's a trap Crow. He is trying to get you to say something bad about jeffreson county.
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    Nobody ever look at this, so you can confess to me here and now that you do indeed like Lacey's stuff.
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    Who is Radioeye?
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    Ann Lloyd! I saw her at Candy Durman's birthday party last night. Elegant as ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by monday's child
    Ann Lloyd! I saw her at Candy Durman's birthday party last night. Elegant as ever.
    No shit! And I ignored her 'cause I had no idea who it was?!
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    Randy Quaid. Theres somebody I would like to see at a party.

    I don't not like his stuff. In a way I am kind of jealous. But then again its fucking stupid. Noons would know who he ways if he didnt plop pancakes on peoples heads. It's a cheap fameball bullshit ploy to get famous. It's the teenage mom! Of the art world. It's a confounding gimmick and part of you is jealous that you didn't think of it and the rest of you feels sorry for people that get excited about it. Novelty and art are inseperable nowadays it seems. Philosophy proper and art have been kissing on the mouth inthe dust bin for a while now...it's a shame I know.
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    I just think it's such a hopeless mishmash of images and symbols that it doesn't mean anything at all. and in that sense, yeah--it's just novelty art. He'd probably be the first to agree with that assessment except he has a long disturbing history of editorial positioning in his work. That subtext is why I don't find him amusing. If he were just surreal and nothing else, I wouldn't have a problem with it. I'd even be all right with the over the top adoration he gets. What artist wouldn't want that? But I've been attacked personally for questioning Lacey's genius by people who in the same breath defend the 1st amendment. And Lacey himself fer chrissakes--petulant as a little spoiled child when someone suggests he isn't as great an artist as believed by those he has conned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raincrow
    No shit! And I ignored her 'cause I had no idea who it was?!
    Yeah, and now she's moving to Las Vegas, asshole.

    I never said it was great art, for christ's sake, and don't go getting all James Joyce on me, Keef. Lacey is scribbling on the same walls as Cynthia Market, the back pisser downstairs at Pres Pub. And them walls need decorating.
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