The Blab is dead

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It's more like the undead Blab now. Or a ghost Blab. The Syrians really wrecked the place, and my sympathies and my thanks to our hosts for reconstituting and continuing it.

It's too bad. It was once a vibrant cyber town square of general talk about Knoxville and wide-ranging topics, and while it was slowly losing relevance, the cyberterror attack has clearly hastened its decline. I'm sure it will linger for some time though.

"...will kill downtown" meme, leveraged with the memory of when we were the whole patio, and knew every face on a Gay.

I am twice as bald as I was when we met and can't throw the hammer as far or climb the hill as fast. Relevance? Decline? Were the boisterous rants of our youth really so "vibrant" that they cast shadow on our eventone whispers now? Supplanted by whom?

Must we dance sweaty all night to prevent the sun rising, summer eternal intact? Can we not embrace the big chill, rake the leaves and stoke the fires confident of the inevitable spring?

we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun
but the wine and the songs like the season are are gone?

​where did Alex's hope GO?
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  1. abalene's Avatar
    have been saying it is undead for some time now, however in this case have found "the dead parrot" comparison a bit more apt.