feed the Queen, you basturds

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...but there will be no goddamn ants on my countertop when it burns.

The rains washed the poison off the foundation while I was gone. There are two trails coming in out of the front flower bed, up through the wall and onto the kitchen counter via a little crack at the bottom of the upper cabinets. Smelly Ants. Tapinoma sessile. When I found them this morning they were working on a plate left by the sink, Popeye's chicken bones from last night I was saving to bait the coon traps. I vacuumed all those up and replaced the plate with a small pile of turbinado sugar. Every five minutes or so, I go back in and suck up another hundred. Eventually I'll get bored with this, put my shoes on and go to the barn to mix some poison and jinx their entry. Eventually.

Ant War Synopsis 30 June 13: Year started with heavy infiltration of Crazy Ants. Nylanderia fulva. 6 June 13 I dosed the perimeter heavy with Gamma-Cyhalothrin (.025). The Crazy Ants disappeared from the house but soon after I noticed Smelly Ants for the first time this season*, apparently originating from under the back deck where I could not spray(although I had sprayed the perimeter, thus encapsulating them)

*Smelly ants have been the predominant house-invading ant in Earlville for the 15 years I've lived here. Crazy ants appeared this year, and I assumed based on reading their profile that they had supplanted the Smelly Ants.
Update, for those of you not following on twitter:

Resprayed the foundation outside and stopped all traffic coming in but still a steady stream coming through the wall inside. Smelly Ants, unlike Crazy Ants, are vulnerable to bait traps. I placed 4 Terro borax bait stations on the trail just behind the microwave, and quarantined them from transgressing farther by surrounding this area with windex. Steady stream in and out. Feed the Queen, you basturds..
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  1. earlnemo's Avatar
    Windex only works for 45 minutes or so. Trying white vinegar now. Otherwise, all is going according to plan. Heavy ant traffic to the borax. Will feed them until they quit, and then caulk the crack shut. Peace in our time.
  2. earlnemo's Avatar
    All righty then. They'd stopped feeding this morning, so I've caulked the entry crack shut. Done with that for now.

    but... The hummingbird feeder I hung on the porch last night was slightly askance , causing it to drip. Crazy Ants found this - I think the rains are dissolving my poisoned perimeter. Alas.
  3. Tess's Avatar
    DE really does work. I think Lowe's has it. If you are out this way, I think there is some in the garage that I would share with you.
  4. earlnemo's Avatar
    Standing in a long security line at ORD, rummaging through my backpack and swear to god a fucking Smelly Ant comes out on my hand.
  5. earlnemo's Avatar
    Third delay and gate change, second time out to smoke . Unloaded the backpack to investigate. No ants detected.
  6. abalene's Avatar
    hmmm... the blab seems to broken again. all the threads appear to be empty.

    this is a test to see if this part is working.