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Survey of Western magic - syllabus inside

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Here is a link to a pretty amazing syllabus from a philosophy class called "philosophy of magic".

There are hyperlinks to many key essays and entries on the topic and is a pretty exhaustive survey of the whole affair from a European perspective.

It is my opinion that European witchcraft/magic is unique and primary to the European mindset in that it is a kind of "anti-shamanic" stance towards the preternatural. It is a ti1shamanic in the sense that mans "anthropos" and "dominion wielding" is magnified and falsely/unnecessarily separated from the organic connections of the earth, plant and animal. This is in contrast to most other forms of supernatural agency.

Western magic privileges the speaker and is externally focused as an attempt to effect change on the outside world as opposed to the more internally "listener" privileging mon-western traditions which seek to be both effect and affect internalized as the primary means of change and power. Yoga, Vedanta and Buddhism in particular. Although there are Buddhist strains of black magic making claims to put the western/Jewish tradition to shame.

Basically ALL western/European strands of sorcery can be traced back to Plato and the Pre-socratics (theurgy), but came into their own as filtered through Jewish mysticism and the Pre-quantum admixture algorithms of the Cabala.

Basically all of western magic as it has been known for the past 1700 years or do is explicitly Christian based.

Western magic is considered "Faustian" (Spengler). its more traditional invocation/evocation approach was superseded by the scientism of the enlightenment and continues on in it's mathematical mode today.

The primary focus and pre-occupation of the secret societies, which culminated in the masons, was the "squaring of the circle" or self-deification of man.

This was brought about using the "square and the compass", or scientific tools and measuring devices to achieve a pantheistic man/divinity collaboration on the earth.

Western magic was a protective staging ground for the memetic ideas of self-deification through metaphor, ritual, philosophy and ideal until the required technology was invented.

Although European magic may be obsolete, it's impetus and spirit live on and continue to inform our culture today.

Western magic is almost exclusively man based with matter or earth, animal and mineral being considered a necessary requirement but to be burned up as dross for the supreme goal at all cost.

European magic is 100% political and largely destructive although it's achievements and byproducts have managed to benefit mankind from time to time.

Magic is a theory of agency, that goes double for the European strain.
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    Hmm. Yeah that whole "narrative of the elite" is getting popular. Not a bad idea.

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