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here is a (fairly short) essay about language and it's magical effects which speaks to my recent fascination with the metaphysical

Most sociological theories of magic go Religion---->Magic----->science

Some switch the order of religion and magic.

The general idea is that religion is kind of a passive affirmation of the individual as to his/her total reliance on the social. Religion is the passive element of the "religio-magical" liminality. Religion is
Your sacrifice to God/the social.

Magic is more personal and it is the inverted view, it is what the social owes the individual. Magic is the realm of heresy within religion that challenges the religion thus expanding the capacity of religion (or destroying it).

First and foremost religious thinking is utopian thinking. It is the "petitioning of reality" par excellence. World Religion is the "going viral" of the "crisis cult".

In general the sorcerers are either shamans or witches. Healers or poisoners.

For the most part religion and magic can be classified as variations of extremity from neurosis to psychosis. Although I believe this terminology is value laden in the negative sense.

The evolution of culture from religion through magic to science is transcendent in that as culture surpasses one paradigm to another it doesn't merely discard it but includes it in the new paradigm.

So the heideggerian take on science and magic would be the nihilism wreaked upon being by the lazy uncritical use of technology.

In other words science is an extension of magic which is exemplified by mans extension of technology.

Technology makes traditional techniques of magic obsolete, not magic itself.

What happened in the renaissance (if the renaissance was Archimedes lever, the reformation was its "place to stand") through the enlightenment, was a discovery and realization of the idea of enchantment its self.

In the quantum debate this called observation as the Object as opposed to instrument.

To believe in magic, religion and metaphysics is to be aware of its potency and world shaping tendency.
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  1. abalene's Avatar
    magic is far more natural than religion, though religion does have some natural elements to it.