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Things to do downtown

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  1. Demitra's Avatar
    Come on, man. This was done out of bordom.
  2. Michael's Avatar
    Value night at the brewpub.
  3. Demitra's Avatar
    Is that the only thing to do? I could see a stroll to the Old City and stop at Java for a nice, hot cup of coffee while sitting in the alleyway...ahhh that is my most favorite place in the world. (In Knoxville, anyway)
  4. Michael's Avatar
    Of course it's not the only thing to do. I guess because I live here, I don't think of strolls or patronizing businesses as being anything special to do (I stroll to and from work everyday and drop into various places all day and night).

    That said, Tuesdays do bring a number of Blabbers to the brewpub, and thought I'd mention it. That, and the fact that the beer is wicked cheap that night.

    I could mention shows (Blue Plate Special at WDVX), musical events at the Tennessee or Bijou, galleries, First Friday, or any of the upcoming events associated with Christmas in the City, I guess (ice skating on the Square starts next Friday). But it sort of depends on what you're into. For some, I guess strolling the Old City and having a coffee counts.

    Too bad there's no bowling alley, though.
  5. Demitra's Avatar
    I do love the Old City....but thanks for the upcoming ideas. I usually go to First Friday with my friend..and I want to go to the Brewpub on a tuesday. That sounds exciting!
  6. Michael's Avatar
    And the Christmas Parade & Festival of Lights is next Friday.
  7. Demitra's Avatar
    I'll be there!