Playing with fire

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From the Somebody just take a small hand-held high velocity projectile device and eject a metallic item into me Department:
Backed by the FDA no less, the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow" or EPCOT Center at Disney World, is selling the public on the idea] that creating GMOs is sustainable farming.

This is a terrible development because it is based on the chemical/pharmaceutical industry's false assertion that genetically modifying food is safe. There is ever-mounting evidence it is not.

The field of bio-engineering is primitively playing within a system of which there is very little known. It's as vast and complicated as the human brain, yet scientists only understand a fraction of DNA, the genome. The vast majority is labeled "junk" as if it didn't matter. The human brain was thought of this way back in the day when he lobotomy was considered an acceptable form of brain surgery.

For example, it was recently discovered that plant RNA is taken into the human DNA system when it is eaten. What proteins will it tell our cells to make?

Please don't eat GMOs. At the very least you are eating pesticide or herbicide with every bite.
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  1. earlnemo's Avatar
    Luthur Burbank woulda done it if he coulda.

    The dissolution of the farming communities into farming corporations make this an inevitability. Kill the corporation.
  2. earlnemo's Avatar
    What say we go to Waffle House and hash this out. 30 minutes?
  3. earlnemo's Avatar
    I'm still waiting, James.
  4. Demitra's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by earlnemo
    What say we go to Waffle House and hash this out. 30 minutes?

    NEVER go to Waffle Houses if you are allergic to waffles.