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  1. Pity the poor predator

    They have a hell of a life.
    All he wants to do is get something to eat, and how hard should that be? Well pretty damn hard if you're a predator.

    For one thing, when you're a predator, something is always trying to keep you from getting what you need-- and usually it's the food itself! I mean, really! It happens every fucking day, you spend all this time and energy looking and looking. Then if you finally get lucky you find something.

    Yes. There it is, your mouth ...
  2. Playing with fire

    From the Somebody just take a small hand-held high velocity projectile device and eject a metallic item into me Department:
    Backed by the FDA no less, the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow" or EPCOT Center at Disney World, is selling the public on the idea] that creating GMOs is sustainable farming.

    This is a terrible development because it is based on the chemical/pharmaceutical industry's false assertion that genetically modifying food is safe. There is ...
  3. Why I think Japan will come out of this better than anybody else would

    It's because they aren't fat.
    I work at a Japanese auto part company around dozens of them, many having lived here a long time and not once have I ever seen a fat Japanese. I look around the room at work and I only see one or two Americans who aren't at least pudgy.

    How can it bee that the most consumptive country in the world, second only to the US and now China in GDP, not be fat? Is it because they prefer fish to bacon? Is it because they are generally more disciplined ...
  4. Why String Theory is right but the physicists will never see it

    A little background. String Theory is the idea that particles aren't actually particles but strings vibrating in any one of several (11) dimensions at any one moment. It solves really tough mathematical problems that show up when you try to make sense of quantum physics.

    Here's the problem. Look at the following three dimensional drawing:

    This is one electron, but ...
  5. Where am I at?


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